How to Achieve Truly Passive Income with Your Airbnb Listing

Airbnb is one of the few tech companies that have presented a real opportunity for average people to dramatically increase their income. With Airbnb, if you own a home that has extra space, you can make between $100 and $10,000 or more per month. The service has provided an incredible value, matching those seeking quick and cheap accommodations with those who have surplus space available. It has turned millions of homeowners across the globe into hoteliers. 

Working hard to not have to work

Unfortunately, most of these home owners have discovered that being a hotelier is hard work. What is often envisioned by homeowners as a means of achieving totally passive income, running an Airbnb home often holds a different reality. The multitude of tasks involved with guest registration and check out, food preparation, cleaning the guest area and even transportation to and from the airport eventually prove to be little more than a second, full-time job for those who decide to rent out their homes. What is promised as passive income turns into making money the same way everyone else does, through demanding work. 

But the underlying principle that an Airbnb home is primarily a means of renting excess space to those who have demand for it is still valid. That means that a third-party provider could do all of the things that the homeowners are otherwise required to do. Fortunately, such a third-party property management company exists. They’re called Airbnbhandsfree. Keep reading this article to find out how Airbnbhandsfree can give you a truly passive Airbnb income. 

Airbnbhandsfree can completely remove the work element of running an Airbnb rental property from the owner’s responsibility. Through its guest services program, Airbnbhandsfree can give hotel-quality service to guests, without the owner ever having to become involved. And Airbnbhandsfree handles all the guest vetting, reservations, check-in, check-out and transportation, should that be needed. In short, they remove all of the clerical aspects of running an Airbnb guest property. 

But the company also handles listing your property, from sign-up to accepting your first guests. Using an extensive, proprietary database, our team will create an optimized profile using techniques that have been proven to sell properties like yours in similar markets. In addition to this, our team has access to exclusive software, which takes into account dozens of variables. Using analysis based on historical data, we can predict exactly what the market price for your property will be, for any given day, month or season. This can give you a crucial leg up, as haphazard or ad-hoc pricing models tend to miss significant value. With our optimized pricing model, you’ll be getting the absolute best rate for your property, no matter when you rent it out. 

Combined, these things add up to a ton of value. Airbnbhandsfree can all but eliminate the hands-on time that owners need to spend attending to their Airbnb rental properties. And it does all of this at an incredibly low rate.