Tips on Renting a Villa in Europe

Renting a villa or apartment for your vacation in Europe makes a lot of sense rather than checking into a hotel. This is even more economical if you intend to stay longer. If you are such a traveler, the following tips will smooth the way and help you have a great stay.

Getting a villa/apartment

Sometimes you might deal with the owner of the rental directly while in other cases you may have to work with an agency that offers a network of apartments. Some agencies may own some apartments or act as a go-between.

Aggregator Websites

Aggregator websites have many rentals you can choose from. Some will allow you to correspond directly to property managers or owners in Europe. Property owners pay such companies to have the property information posted. But sometimes the lists can be very long making it difficult for you to make your decision.

After finding appealing options contact the owner/ manager for more information. Most websites offer a form where you can enter your travel dates, contact info and the number of people. Once the details are sent, you should get a response in a few days or sooner, letting you know of the availability of the villa as well as how much it costs.

Rental Agencies

In case going through listings and communicating with the property owners sounds troubling, you can always choose to consult a rental agency. An agency is more convenient since the places they offer in their lists have been prescreened, and their staff will assist you to find appropriate accommodation.

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Before Renting an Apartment

Before committing to a rental ensure that you have all the necessary details. Consider checking out the location to see how convenient or inconvenient it is. Find out if you can get parking space in case you will be driving. Get to know if there are parks or playgrounds nearby if you’ll be with your children. If you can’t get such details, skip to the next option on the list.

When making a reservation, you will likely be asked to pay a deposit. It normally ranges from 10-50% of the total rental cost. Some places ask you to pay the rest of the balance before the trip or upon arrival. The payment means are flexible although the methods may vary from one service provider to the next.

Selecting an ideal place to stay doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Consider these tips and its will be easy for you to get a villa for your next Europe vacation.